Is This For Me?

Photo of Married Couple
If you are in a relationship or considering a serious relationship, It's My Marriage! will teach you how to improve your communication skills, reduce stress, build trust, and strengthen your understanding of commitment.

In the privacy of your own home, and on your own schedule, our 10 interactive online sessions are available 24/7. It's My Marriage! is about building skills to improve your relationship and can be used with or without counseling.

This non-denominational educational course works best when both spouses/partners complete the course. However the information can be very helpful to an individual in, or thinking about, a relationship.

What is It's My Marriage!?

This educational program is designed to teach individuals to handle conflict constructively while promoting intimacy. It does not provide marriage counseling or therapy, and it is not designed to address serious relationship or personal problems that require professional help.

It's My Marriage! is based on a marriage education program called PREP. Much of the research on PREP has been conducted at the University of Denver's Center for Marital and Family Studies. To learn more about the research behind It's My Marriage!, click here.

Here's What Others Have Said:

“The street interviews were interesting, and I appreciate the way they were used to address issues that can be very difficult.”

“I enjoyed the exercises in each session because they were all different with lots of variety!”

“I appreciate the format of the this computer-based class. I have taken many such classes for work (and written a few). This is by far the most interesting and well-designed computer -based class I have taken.”